FIOE expresses its shock at Trump’s statements

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe expressed its shock at the extremist statements and positions articulated by Donald Trump, the Republican Party presidential candidate in the US.

The Federation condemned Trump’s flagrantly hostile positions against Muslims in the United States and beyond, and his invitation to inaugurate a new order of discrimination on the basis of religious identity. Without doubt, this is a significantly dangerous development in one of the largest of world nations.

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe expressed its concern that some politicians in the US and Europe strive to incite fear and divide societies through hate speech and stirring animosity in the hope of improving their election chances. This directly contradicts the spirit of democracy, constitutions, and universal human values.

The Federation welcomes those condemnations of Trump’s statements and positions, which represent a trend of selective racism against Muslims. The Federation echoed its expectation that the diverse political, media, cultural, and religious circles in the US, will seriously confront such a vile discourse that may not be overlooked in today’s world.

Brussels, 17 December 2015

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe

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