Message from the President of FIOE on the blessed occasion of Eid-ul-Adha (1431H)

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful

Message from the President of the FIOE to all Muslims in Europe on the blessed occasion of Eid-ul-Adha (1431H)

All praise and gratitude is due to Allah, Lord of all creation, and peace and blessings upon the Noble Prophet, Muhammad, his family, Companions, and those who follow his guidance to the Day of Judgement

We welcome this noble and blessed occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, so full of wonderful meanings, with our hearts turning lovingly to the holy lands in these days, and an occasion presented for renewal of the positive Muslim personality combining belief in Allah (Iman) and good actions, one that obeys the Commands of Allah, and abstains from His prohibitions, and overflows with good towards everyone. We offer our best wishes on the advent of the blessed occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, and celebrate its joyful arrival, as we embody many noble feelings in its wide expanse. In performing its rituals, and reviving its traditions, we do so striving to bring happiness to the young, and strengthening the ties and affection among adults, while reinforcing good relations with our European societies.

It is worthwhile of us to take advantage of our festivals in caring for family, cementing the bonds among its members, and harnessing its integrity in spreading the spirit of love and giving to our society. On this occasion, we mark our appreciation for the efforts of parents and their patience, and take pride in those of advanced age, who have earned our gratitude and respect for their contribution in the course of a full life. While an event for all generations, Muslim children in Europe deserve the lion’s share of Eid, in kindness and affection, upbringing according to Quran and Sunnah, for a life of devotion, noble manners, positive role models, and constructive engagement with society, as well as an excellent education to carry them along the road to success.

We must remember in these blessed days, the huge responsibility towards younger generations, in supporting them on the road of righteousness and success, caring for their European Muslim identity, protecting their rights, educating them on their responsibilities, and providing guidance away from laxity or extremism, in choosing righteousness and moderation. This requires all of us to encourage the positive aspirations of our young generations, by providing them with opportunities, supporting their education and development, and strengthening their footing in practical life, and nurturing achievement on many levels, while embracing their participation in the service of the Muslim presence, and participating in the prosperity of their European societies. While we celebrate Eid in Europe, our thoughts are with the thousands of Muslims from Europe who embarked on the journey to perform the rituals of Hajj in these days. We ask Allah, the Almighty, to accept from them, and from their Muslim brothers and sisters, who circulate around the Ka’bah, and stand on the Plain of Arafat, in prayer and devotion to Allah; may Allah accept their Hajj, forgive their sins, and return them safely to their loved ones, and European countries as messengers of good and mercy as directed by Islam.

Sadly, the happiness of Muslims this Eid is marred by the conditions suffered by the Muslim presence in some European states, in terms of diminished rights, or loss of hard-won gains; we find campaigns of incitement against Islam fuelled by extremists, which aim at misrepresenting this noble religion, and seek to isolate Muslims from their societies, while devaluing their positive and natural role as citizens and equals. In these days of Eid, we wish to emphasise that we strongly uphold the option of good citizenship, and that we shall always strive to remove any injustice through societal participation, in light of our adherence to moral and legal systems, which we respect, and work within. In this regard, we encourage everyone in our societies, Muslims and non-Muslims, to wisely and effectively confront all that harms the ties of peaceful coexistence and mutual respect. It is worthy of Muslims, to express in the best way within their social space, the good values and positive guidance inspired by this blessed Eid, which embodies the message of Islam seeking to bring good to all people, and mercy to all creation.

In this respect, we offer our congratulations on the arrival of the noble Eid, especially to the Imams and Du’at in Europe, in appreciation of their role and effort, reminding ourselves of the guidance from the book of Allah, and the inspiration of the beautiful Prophetic example—peace and blessing upon him, in inviting to Allah with wisdom and good advice, and contributing selflessly and sincerely, while feeling the burden of responsibility in conveying the message of Islam, and spreading its high ideals, and maintaining balance and moderation in thought and practice. The arrival of Eid, with all its great meanings, encourages all Muslims to engage collectively in doing righteous and pious acts, and in particular those working in the service of the Muslim presence in Europe to stand united on the Truth, and to hold fast to the rope of Allah, proscribing disunity, and focusing on the vital issues.

Eid this year comes at a time of continuing difficulty for the Muslim Ummah in a number of countries. The gaze that lingers fondly on the noble Ka’bah and Makkah is pained by the state Al-Aqsa Mosque and the noble city of al-Quds suffering under occupation and constant attack. Therefore, Eid is an annual opportunity to express the vitality and ties of brotherhood in our one nation, as we try to bring comfort for humanity’s deep pain, through greater solidarity and giving.

We ask Allah, the Almighty to bless these days of ours, to accept from us our good deeds, and to renew these great days, with Muslims everywhere in the best of circumstances, and that our societies and humanity enjoy peace and prosperity.


May every year hold enduring good for you

Wa assalamu alaykum wa Rahhmat Allah wa Barakatuh


Chakib Benmakhlouf

President, the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe


Brussels, Monday, 9 Dhul Hijjah 1431H/15 November 2010