Message from the President of FIOE to the Leader of the Danish Social Democrats

Brussels, 22 September 2011

Mrs. Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Leader of the Danish Social Democrats


Dear Madam,

We are pleased to tender our congratulations on your victory in the recent General Election, which indicates the vitality and renewal distinguishing political life in the Danish Kingdom, with its venerable democratic tradition.

We write to you on this occasion, to wish you all success on your chosen path, for the good of Denmark and its people, and in serving Denmark’s European and international relations, so as to secure greater prosperity for the Danish people in their diverse constituents of women and men.

We are confident that this is an opportunity for Denmark, under your leadership, to witness rejuvenation of its political scene, emphasising the values of openness, pluralism, and mutual respect, and remedying any negative aspects that may have resulted from the political extremism and irresponsible media behaviour of the recent past.

Denmark, throughout its history, was renowned for its openness to the world, its cordial and positive relations with Islamic countries, and its welcome for the budding Muslim presence on its soil. It was indeed painful for us to see this relationship suffer at critical points over the last decade. Yet, our unwavering conviction was that such crises were no more than passing moments, and that the voices of extremism and incitement, whether in politics, media, or society, could not overwhelm the principles of harmony and peaceful coexistence. Today, we feel that our shared responsibilities compels us to support cooperation and understanding, more so than at any other time, and to stand firmly by those noble human values, which we all hold dear. We are confident that Muslims in Denmark and Europe, along with their partners in society and citizenship, will be sympathetic to any positive initiative, or constructive step, you take in this direction.

We renew our hope for the success of your coming government, in securing further gains for the people of Denmark, in the present and for the future.

With our best wishes,

Chakib Benmakhlouf

President of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE)