Press Release about authoritarianism and unfair trials in Bangladesh

Brussels (2 January 2013) – The President of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE), Chakib Benmakhlouf, voiced his concern regarding the escalating political authoritarianism in Bangladesh, and increasing restrictions on civil liberties, with a campaign of arrests against peaceful demonstrators, and unfair trials of scholars, leading reformists, and public figures.

In statements given in Brussels, the Federation President expressed his deep disappointment regarding: “News and reports painting a bleak picture of the human rights situation in Bangladesh, reflected in political authoritarianism, wide-scale detentions, and show trials, —devoid of standards of justice—of figures from the political opposition, symbols of civil Islamic work, and pioneers of reform in the country”. According to reports from Bangladesh, leading figures in the political opposition face trials that do not fulfil the standards of justice, in so-called war crimes tribunals.

Chakib Benmakhlouf condemned “the gross violations that continue relentlessly in Bangladesh”, and called upon the Bangladeshi government and authorities, in his words, “to respect human rights and basic liberties, lift the restrictions on general civil activism, assure transparent popular participation for all citizens, and end all forms of repression against them”.