FIOE: The death sentence for 529 Egyptian personalities rings alarms of danger

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe expresses its profound shock at the ruling by an Egyptian court on Monday, 24 March 2014, sentencing 529 Egyptian public figures to death, after they were subjected to a farcical trial on untenable grounds.

Such a ruling is quite astonishing, and paints a horrendous picture of the state of the judicial system, in a country of Egypt’s stature, buckling under the pressure of the military coup against democracy, freedoms, and the will of the people. The shock is further increased by the fact that the entire court proceedings did not exceed few minutes, after which the shocking and far-fetched verdict was announced to the public; an instruction to commit mass murder against hundreds of personalities.

This step exposes the level of abuses in Egypt, in the era of a ruthless coup against democratic life, and use of a false judiciary, devoid of justice, and denying principles and values, human, moral, and religious. Egypt today is governed by the worst form of military dictatorship, which has no qualms in issuing death sentences en masse, against hundreds of prominent political and social figures, among them, Dr Saad El-Katatni, Speaker of the elected parliament, Dr Mohammed Badie, the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, and a large number of parliamentarians, scholars, academics, intellectuals, and well-known individuals in Egyptian society.

This court ruling must ring alarms around the entire world, as a precedent that even the most vicious dictatorships have been reluctant to commit in so blatant a manner, which gives an appalling impression ahead of other trials of Egyptian statesmen from the democratic era, at their head, President Dr Muhammad Morsi.

It is clear that the military dictatorship, which controls the judiciary, media, and organs of the Egyptian state, emphasises through this step that it is continuing without check in laying waste to the remaining rights and freedoms, committing grave violations, and preparing for further rounds of mass killing, without care for the lives of Egyptian men and women it killed by the thousands over the past months, for merely voicing their legitimate demand for liberty and democracy.

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe as it condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous precedent—to be added to the track record of the fascist-leaning military dictatorship, expresses solidarity with the mass of Egyptian people, who continue their unremitting, daily peaceful demonstrations, to demand their freedoms, rights, and resumption of democratic life.

Governments, parliaments, official bodies and non-governmental organisations, in Europe and the world, are required to adopt immediate and forceful positions, regarding the military dictatorship, which sees the international community turning a blind eye to its crimes and violations, as encouragement to flagrantly continue on this course, having failed to break the people’s will, or instil fear in them using all the lethal and powerful means at its disposal.

Brussels, 25 March 2014

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE)