FIOE: The latest death sentences for hundreds in Egypt are gravely shocking

With profound shock, the world received the ruling by an Egyptian court on Monday, 28 April 2014 sentencing 700 Egyptian citizens to death, among them public figures, members of the political opposition, and reformists. This new ruling follows in the steps of one made earlier by another Egyptian court on 24 March 2014, again sentencing 529 prominent Egyptian personalities to death, after a farcical trial on untenable grounds.

Such rulings paint a horrendous picture of the appalling state reached by the judicial system, in a country of Egypt’s stature, under the pressure of the military coup that overturned democracy, freedoms, and the will of the people. The sense of shock is further deepened by the court’s rushed proceedings, failing to satisfy the standards of fair trial and due process, despite the fact that applying this ruling is tantamount to committing a mass murder of hundreds of prominent persons.

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe reiterates its condemnation of such steps in both form and substance, and takes note of this indicator of the level of ongoing abuses in Egypt, in the era of the ruthless coup against democratic life, and use of a false judiciary, devoid of justice, and lacking human, moral, and religious, principles and values.

It is painful to see that Egypt, which witnessed a popular revolution on 25 January 2011 for the sake of liberty, democracy, and human dignity, is now governed by the worst form of military dictatorship, which has no reservations in issuing mass death sentences, against hundreds of prominent political and social figures, and banning youth movements that reject military dictatorship.

These unjust court rulings must ring alarms around the entire world, as even the most vicious of oppressive regimes have been reluctant to take such actions. Indeed, this gives an appalling impression ahead of other trials of Egyptian statesmen from the democratic era, at their forefront, President Dr Muhammad Morsi.

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe as it condemns in the strongest terms these serious precedents, expresses solidarity with the mass of Egyptian people, who continue their unremitting, daily peaceful demonstrations, to demand their freedoms, rights, and resumption of democratic life.

There is no doubt that governments, parliaments, official bodies and non-governmental organisations, in Europe and the world, are required to adopt immediate and forceful positions, regarding what is occurring. These death sentences against hundreds of people demonstrate that the ruling authorities in Cairo continue undeterred to take away remaining rights and freedoms, end the state of law, and perpetrate grave abuses against society.

Brussels, 29 April 2014

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE)

Final Statement of the 1st Shura Council in the 10th Term of FIOE

The First Shura Council in the Tenth term of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE) was held, through Allah’s favour, from 28-30 March 2014 (26-28 Jumada al-Awwal 1435H) in Istanbul, with participation of the Federation leadership, and representatives of member organisations in the European States.

The Shura Council was convened to endorse the executive leadership, whereby Abdallah Benmansour, the Federation President, presented the structure of the Executive Office with its individual departments and bodies. The Shura Council then proceeded to vote following the relevant procedures for approving officeholders.

The President outlined the horizons for the Federation’s work in the new executive term (2014 – 2018), emphasising extra attention being granted to the affairs of youth, women, and the professional segments, and greater communication with local communities across Europe, including Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

The Federation President explained that, in the forthcoming term, the Executive Office would work to broaden cooperation and coordination in Europe, and reinforce participation in societal dialogue, by building on the achievements of the previous Term through further development and key positive initiatives.

In deliberations, the Shura Council paid particular attention to the area of human rights, and effective work in civil society, as well as social issues. The Council emphasised the importance of developing human resources and building the capacity of the Federation and its bodies, in line with a broader societal presence and further development of positive roles.

The Council, at the close of proceedings, articulated the following positions and directives:

  • First: the Council invites Muslims and Islamic organisations in Europe to further the efforts of cooperation and coordination in diverse spheres, while engaging in serious communication and constructive partnership with societal constituents. The Council encourages the increasing efforts exerted by Europe’s Muslims in expressing good citizenship and positive role models.
  • Second: The Council encourages Europe’s Muslims to participate effectively in European Parliament elections to be held shortly; the Council emphasises the importance of participation and maintaining a positive presence in the various aspects of public life, and to interact with the multiple election rounds, locally, nationally, and across Europe. The Council also notes with concern the racist and extremist trends that are apparent in some election rounds in Europe, through irresponsible campaigns, positions, or statements that provoke hatred, and engage in incitement against Muslims.
  • Third: The Council urges Islamic organisations in Europe to cooperate constructively with partners in European countries to address the social dimensions of the economic crisis, represented in rising levels of poverty, unemployment, and social distress. The Council highlights the importance of strengthening solidarity and mutual support among the constituents of society in responding to this challenge.
  • Fourth: the Council follows closely the on-going  developments in Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula, and hopes that the country will overcome the present crisis, and march towards a prosperous future, with a commitment from all parties to self-restraint, and upholding the values of freedom, democracy, social peace, human rights, and respect for cultural and religious diversity.
  • Fifth: The Council follows with great concern the impunity of the authorities of the Israeli Occupation in their grave transgressions against the Noble Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the escalating violations of the City of Jerusalem. The Council also expresses its concern regarding the tightening of the strangling blockade imposed on almost 2 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the ever-present threat to its inhabitants of military attack, the expansion in illegal construction of settlements in the West Bank, and the flagrant violation of the rights of the Palestinian people.
  • Sixth: the Council reiterates its solidarity with the Syrian people, who remain committed to their legitimate demands for liberty, democratic change, and end to dictatorship, despite the massacres and horrors perpetrated by the ruling regime and its apparatus of repression. The Council expresses its strongest condemnation of the on-going terrorisation of the Syrian people, and urges further efforts in supporting this just cause on the civil, media, political, and relief levels.
  • Seventh: the Council expresses its profound shock at the ruling by an Egyptian court as it sentenced 529 Egyptian citizens, including prominent public figures, to death, after a rushed, farcical trial. The Council expresses solidarity with the mass of Egyptian people, who continue their unremitting, daily peaceful demonstrations, to demand their freedoms, rights, and resumption of democratic life.
  • Eighth: the Council shares with the people and government of Malaysia their feelings of anguish regarding the Malaysian Airlines plane missing for several weeks, and expresses its condolences to the families of the victims in this painful event that has generated worldwide interest.

All praise is to Allah, Lord of all creation

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe

Shura Council