FIOE condemns the bloody attacks in France, Kuwait, and Tunisia

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe condemns in the strongest terms the bloody attacks that occurred in France, Kuwait, and Tunisia on Friday, in addition to dispersed attacks in other countries gripped by turmoil. The Federation received with pronounced pain the shocking news of terrorist attacks against innocent persons, whether worshippers in mosques, tourists in hotels, and workers in factories, exposing the blind logic that underlies these horrific random attacks.

Without doubt, the teachings of Islam, and that of other faiths and conventions are quite clear in forbidding and criminalising such evil attacks, however much the perpetrators try to lay misleading claims and slogans falsely attributed to Islam or invent lame justifications for their acts of murder and terror. Not only did the perpetrators of these atrocities disregard the inviolability of human life and person, but went further in committing their horrific violations and bloodshed within the blessed month of Ramadan, which is a season of acts of noble virtue, good, and peace

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, as it condemns these terrorist attacks, emphasises that the best response in this respect is to strengthen national unity and community cohesion, in order to isolate extremism and terror, while upholding civil liberties and human rights. The Federation also urges concerted effort to stop extremists, who may wish to exploit these circumstances to plant fear of Muslims in their European societies.

The Federation expresses the condolences of Europe’s Muslims to the families of the victims, and articulates its firm stand of solidarity with the targeted societies, and asks God, the Almighty, for the speedy recovery of the injured.

Brussels, 26 June 2015

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe

FIOE congratulates the Muslims on the advent of Ramadan

The “Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe” congratulates Muslims on the European continent and worldwide on the arrival of the blessed month of Ramadan. The Federation urges Muslims to grasp the opportunity presented by the month of Ramadan in acts of obedience and good deeds, and to express in society the values of faith, mutual compassion, and noble disposition, which are abundant in this blessed season.