FIOE strongly condemns the terrorist attacks in Paris

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe strongly condemns the terrorist attacks and acts of brutal intimidation witnessed by the French capital on Friday night (13 November), resulting in a large number of innocent victims.
Once more, blind terrorism has shown its ugly face, in acts of random killing and hostage-taking targeting innocent people in public places, and quite grave attacks that spread fear and panic in society. As successive reports from the ground describe the scale of events, then quite emphatically, this is a moment to display cohesion, mutual solidarity, and national unity, in confronting these threats that cannot be met with underestimated.
The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe shares the French people’s feelings of grief, and expresses its sympathies to the families of the victims in this painful tragedy.

Brussels, 14 November 2015

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe

Final Statement of the Fifth Shura Council Meeting in the Tenth Term of FIOE

The Fifth Shura Council Meeting in the Tenth Term of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe was held, through the blessing and aid of Allah, the Almighty, from 22-25 October 2015 (9-12 Muharram 1437H) in the Spanish capital, Madrid, with the participation of the Federation leadership, and representatives of member organisations in the European states.

The Shura Council was informed on the Executive Office’s progress in implementing the Federation’s General Plan for the Tenth Executive Term (2014 – 2018). The Council evaluated performance, made relevant observations, and praised achievements. The Council also deliberated over the avenues for organisational development in driving institutional progress and enhancing the roles of the Federation and member organisations in the service of societies.

The Council also urged enhanced collaboration and coordination between Muslims and Islamic organisations in Europe in diverse spheres. In addition, reinforcing serious engagement and constructive partnership with European social constituents, boosting Muslims’ participation in public life, and addressing common challenges confronting societies.

The Council discussed the developments related to the refugee exodus into Europe, and the effective responses it obliges from civil society, including Islamic and social bodies. The Council praised the positive initiatives and responsible positions adopted by a number of European states in welcoming the refugees. On the other hand, it invited treatment of the tangible shortcomings in other states, to assure the safety of asylum-seekers, with commitment to human rights standards, and respect for human dignity in the measures and procedures applied in dealing with refugees. The Council valued the humanitarian responses expressed by civil society across Europe regarding the refugee wave, including campaigns launched by charitable and social organisations in Europe in this regard, including Islamic organisations and centres, mosques, churches, and religious bodies.

The Council also discussed developing a strategy specifically focused on supporting the values of human rights and equality, and in combating racism, hate, and Islamophobia. The Council called for reinforcement of shared values, and the principles of mutual respect and social peace, while valuing the responses and positions of solidarity expressed by officials, citizens, and religious and civil society organisations in confronting instigators of hate and voices of extremism.

The Council condemned the aggression by the occupation authorities and settler gangs in Palestine, the steps and measures repressing the Palestinians, and the continuing violations in Jerusalem, as well as the incursions and provocations by occupation forces in the Noble Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Council expressed its concern at the deterioration in a number of Arab and Islamic countries, and the spread of unrest, the rise of military dictatorship, and the widening of armed conflict acting as feeders for extremism and hate. The Council warned of the danger of these developments on the security of populations, the coexistence in societies, and peoples’ aspirations towards freedom, democracy, and prosperity. The Council pointed out particularly to the continuing tragedy in Syria, leaving in its wake victims, injured persons, and refugees, and expressed solidarity with the Syrian people in this prolonged adversity.

The Council expressed its hope that the Climate Summit scheduled to be convened in Paris soon, is able to reach fundamental achievements to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and secure the commitment of international parties to enact serious reforms in environmental policies.

The Council congratulates Muslims in Europe and worldwide on the advent of the new Islamic calendar year, 1437H, supplicating to God Almighty that this is full of security, achievement, and prosperity in all domains.

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe

Shura Council