FIOE Censures the Global Remissness Regarding Horrors of Aleppo

Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE) is following the serious developments in Aleppo, which resulted in hundreds of victims at the hands of the Syrian regime and its allies. Over the last few days, innocents in populated areas, health as well as civilian facilities were cruelly bombed, as the world looks on. The disturbing scenes of the demolished al-Quds hospital were shockingly terrifying, which adds another documented war crime against patients and medical crews.

It is deplorable indeed to see such atrocities of Aleppo taking place in front of the international community without any serious action to stop them. The world stands idly by and observes the mass killings and widespread destruction targeting one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world since thousands of years. After five years, the world cannot remain complacent with hideous violations against the Syrian people facing this without protection or established safe areas.

FIOE renews its support and unity with the people of Aleppo and Syria in this terrible plight and urges access of humanitarian and medical aid to those affected, along with a call for increasing civil solidarity with the Syrian people in their ordeal.

Brussels, May 4, 2016
Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe