FIOE: The brutal Istanbul airport attacks were against the entire world

It is with deep sorrow that Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE) received news of the strongly condemned terrorist attacks, perpetrated Tuesday night in Istanbul Atatürk International Airport, resulting in a large number of victims from several countries.
FIOE denounces, in the strongest terms possible, these atrocities, which violate human lives, in an attempt to undermine security and terrorize communities, regardless the sanctity of the blessed month of Ramadan. As we conceive it, not only Turkey but also the entire world were targeted by these terrorist attacks in one of the most vital and cross-continental airports, that receives diverse human flows from many different countries. We are confident that such horrifying series of terrorist attacks throughout Turkey, over the last few months, will succeed neither in spreading the culture of fear nor in disrupting the daily life.
In this distress, FIOE expresses sincere condolences, and stands in solidarity with Turkey and its people. We also share the pain of adversity with the victim’s families, from either Turkey or other parts of the world. May the Almighty have mercy upon their souls, relieve the suffering of the injured and give them a speedy recovery, and protect Turkey and its people from all troubles.
Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe
Brussels, 29 June 2016

FIOE: We Respect the Will of the British People, and Call for Promoting Openness among European Nations

Federation of Islamic Organisation in Europe (FIOE) has followed the historical referendum, where the British people decided to leave the European Union. Undoubtedly, the vote result means a lot to the UK and to Europe as a whole. Indeed, the referendum showed significant public wariness about the reality of certain policies. This situation should motivate the parties concerned to take it seriously with the aim of ensuring progress and prosperity for the European societies.

With due respect for the choice of voters for the referendum witnessed by the whole world, FIOE expresses the hope that European countries and peoples will keep their openness, and positively enhance effective communication in Europe and the world, along with rejecting extremist currents, closure and hate speech. No matter what happens, the withdrawal of a member state from the EU should not create barriers between nations and peoples in Europe.

FIOE affirms the importance of achievements in EU countries, gained through different phases of the unification project. However, the referendum sends an important message that requires directing efforts towards further evolving the European unity, the functioning of its institutions, and advancing communication with local communities towards a prosperous future for posterity.

Brussels, June 24, 2016

Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe

FIOE: Jo Cox’s Assassination Targets the Values and Principles She Defended

Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE) was shocked and deeply saddened to hear about the assassination of British MP Jo Cox, who was known for her courageous humanitarian stances. Committing this heinous murder of British parliament member reveals to what extent malice and hate speech could infringe social security and democratic life.
Apparently, this crime targets the very values and principles that Jo Cox constantly stood for. Equally, it is a desperate attempt to intimidate society and undermine democracy. Today, MP Jo Cox has become a symbol of human commitment and courageous principled positions.
FIOE extends sincere condolences to Ms Cox’s family and friends, and share thoughts with them all in their devastating loss that cannot drown her role and noble positions.
Brussels, June 17, 2016
Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe