FIOE demand the release of one million Muslim detainees held in Chinese ideological camps

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE) expresses its shock over the growing number of reports of concentration camps where more than one million Muslims are being held by Chinese authorities with the explicit aim of imposing upon them certain belief systems and modes of behavior.


FIOE points out that these so-called “re-education camps” are in clear conflict with the basic notions of human dignity, freedom and fundamental rights, adding it is unfathomable that such camps should exist in this day and age.


As more reports confirm the existence of such camps and the admission of Chinese authorities that they do in fact exist, FIOE stresses that internment of approximately one million people from the western Xinjiang region as part of government efforts to coerce them into changing their belief systems and subscribe to a different set of ideological viewpoints, is nothing short of shocking.


FIOE expresses its deep concern at the intolerable suffering endured by these detainees and the plight of their families who have lost dear ones to these camps, which is testimony to how much damage these human rights violations can wreak on the lives of detainees and their loved ones.


FIOE expresses its solidarity with the detainees and their families and calls upon the Chinese authorities to put an immediate end to these inhumane practices and forms of cultural oppression by closing down these camps and to release all the detainees. There is no doubt that such a case requires swift and serious action by the international community, including the European Union and its member States, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its member States, to criminalize the policy of collective arrest in ideological camps, put an immediate halt to these practices and launch an international investigation into such atrocities.


Brussels, October 31, 2018

Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe