The Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE) is a cultural organization, with hundreds of member organizations spread across 28 European States, all subscribing to a common belief in a methodology based on moderation and balance, which represents the tolerance of Islam.

The Federation was founded in 1989 as a natural outcome of the development of Islamic work in Europe, to organize efforts, and prevent fragmentation. In a short time, it was able to secure many achievements, to mention a few; unifying the political discourse, and embracing the idea of establishing Islam as an intrinsic and positive element in European life.

As a result of these endeavors, Muslims were transformed from mere powerless migrants into positively contributing citizens: enjoying the same rights, and shouldering the same responsibilities as the native population.

Today, the Federation, in representing the principles embodying the humane dimension in Islam, is an asset to the European arena that cannot be underestimated, bringing exemplary added value to European civilization, which has long imbibed from the fountain of Islamic civilization—benefiting from its sciences to achieve European Enlightenment.

In the context of organizing its work, the Federation formulated a constitution that is an expression of its methodology as a European Islamic institution seeking to serve European society, with the goal of achieving security and prosperity.

Moreover, cooperating with the other constituents of society to consolidate the principles of social justice, protect citizens from all forms of discrimination, and combat all kinds of crime.

The efforts of the Federation – as the largest Islamic organization on the European level – were ceaseless in seeking to remove the barrier built on fear of the Islamic presence in the West; a fear fed by biased media, and some political forces that advocate hostile language and attitudes against the Muslim minorities.

These Federation efforts were crowned with the announcement of the European Muslim Charter on the 10th of January 2008 in the capital of the European Union – Brussels, which reassured Europeans and emphasized that the Islamic presence represents exemplary added value, and cultural wealth to the advantage of Europe.

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