Mjsques and Islamic Centres

Through its member organisations, the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe shoulders numerous responsibilities in the domain of establishing, and running, as well as maintaining the message of moderation in the programmes of mosques and Islamic centres across the European continent.


The Federation understands that enhancing the performance of mosques and Islamic centres will in turn result in more ideal service to section of Muslims, greater support to social cohesion, benefits to the public in its different persuasions, and wider opportunities for the Federation’s Youth and Student department is dedicated to the management, and development of youth work in conjunction with other departments, member organisations, and central specialised institutions.


Student work also falls within the remit of this department, which undertakes cooperation, and cooperation with student organisations and collectives throughout the European continent.


Young men and women rise within the Federation and member organisation structures, where some of them fill advanced leadership positions, including the top tier in some organisations.

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