FIOE congratulates the Libyan people for the success of their revolution after a long series of sacrifice

The FIOE congratulated the Libyan people for the final success of their blessed revolution against tyranny and injustice after a long series of dear sacrifices during six months.

The FIOE issued a statement in this regard saying: “The Libyan people with their men and women presented the most wonderful sacrifices and showed unparalleled resolution and determination to get their rights of freedom, justice and human dignity. The whole world followed those great people in their noble fight for the sake of a respectful present and a civilized future of which they and their great country are worthy.

The FIOE statement mentioned that “Muslims in Europe followed in a great respect and interest the Libyan revolution since 17th November. They felt great pain for those victims and this mass destruction that afflicted their towns and villages. We ask Allah (Glory be to Him) to accept the martyrs, cure the injured, alleviate their pains and grant the Libyan people success in their endeavor to establish a state of law, freedom, democracy and prosperity.”

The FIOE also noted that “All people in this historic moment look at the Libyan people, their leadership institutions, their scholars, and their youth and we hope that they will manage to establish a Libyan model example that is based on freedom, justice, pluralism, and harmony in a way that ensures the participation of the entire people in managing their present and shaping their future.”

New TV Broadcast Launched to highlight Muslim life in Belgium

Some Muslim Media people launched a new TV broadcast in Belgium to focus on the Islamic presence, its roles and horizons in a step that received a great welcome.

On 18 September 2011 the new TV broadcast for Muslims in Belgium “Metro” was launched. It started with various reports that shed light on different aspects of Muslim life in Belgium.

The TV broadcast dedicated in its first stage one hour of various reports that reviewed the first week of Ramadan life in Kingdom of Belgium according to Mr. Saeed Al-Kwakibi who said in Brussels that the aim of this broadcast is to develop the media presence of Muslims in Belgium.

This launch has received a great welcome from the representative body of Belgian Muslims, FIOE and a lot of Islamic and media institutions. This new TV broadcast was celebrated in a forum held at press club in Brussels in which FIOE media department participated.

FIOE President: Great Opportunity for Openness and Mutual Respect in Danish Policy

Mr Chakib Ben Makhlouf the president of FIOE sent a letter to Mrs. Helle Thorning-Schmidt the Leader of the Danish Social Democrats to congratulate her on winning the recent General Election. He noted that this will present a great opportunity to develop the political life in Denmark in a way that affirms the values of values of openness, pluralism, and mutual respect, and remedies any negative aspects that may have resulted from the political extremism and irresponsible media behaviour of the recent past.

He wrote in his letter: “We are pleased to tender our congratulations on your victory in the recent General Election, which indicates the vitality and renewal distinguishing political life in the Danish Kingdom, with its venerable democratic tradition.”

The FIOE president addressed the Leader of the Danish Social Democrats on this occasion wishing her all success on their chosen path, for the good of Denmark and its people, and in serving Denmark’s European and international relations, so as to secure greater prosperity for the Danish people in their diverse constituents of women and men.

Mr Chakib Ben Makhlou wrote in his letter: “We are confident that this is an opportunity for Denmark, under your leadership, to witness rejuvenation of its political scene, emphasising the values of openness, pluralism, and mutual respect, and remedying any negative aspects that may have resulted from the political extremism and irresponsible media behaviour of the recent past.”

This message shed some light on the fact that Denmark, throughout its history, was renowned for its openness to the world, its cordial and positive relations with Islamic countries, and its welcome for the budding Muslim presence on its soil. “It was indeed painful for us to see this relationship suffer at critical points over the last decade. Yet, our unwavering conviction was that such crises were no more than passing moments, and that the voices of extremism and incitement, whether in politics, media, or society, could not overwhelm the principles of harmony and peaceful coexistence. Today, we feel that our shared responsibilities compel us to support cooperation and understanding, more so than at any other time, and to stand firmly by those noble human values, which we all hold dear. We are confident that Muslims in Denmark and Europe, along with their partners in society and citizenship, will be sympathetic to any positive initiative, or constructive step, you take in this direction,” the letter read.

The FIOE president renewed hope for the success of the coming Danish government, in securing further gains for the people of Denmark, in the present and for the future.

The FIOE condemns the wholesale killing in Yemen, and calls for the demands of the Yemeni people to be met

The FIOE follows, with immense grief and anxiety, the bloody series of developments in Yemen, running counter to the peaceful protesters camped out for months in public squares. The FIOE mentioned in its statement that “Successive reports of unfolding events paint a horrific picture of shelling, violent attacks, and shootings, targeting the masses of unarmed Yemeni citizens, and killing dozens.”

It also confirmed in its statement issued on 21st September 2011 solidarity with the Yemeni people in these difficult times and consoling the families of the fallen and the wounded.  The FIOE also expressed its severe condemnation of the gross violations and wholesale murder perpetrated against the Yemeni masses demanding democratic change in their country. There is no doubt that the deliberate killing of innocents is an abhorrent atrocity, and risks drowning the country in a cycle of bloody violence and self-destruction.

The statement also noted that Yemen witnessed over these past months a wide scale and peaceful mass mobilization, displaying extraordinary determination to secure freedom, democracy, and transparent popular participation, as well as build a better future. This has brought to prominence the innate, civilised nature of the Yemeni people that has impressed the world, and won its admiration. The FIOE statement also mentioned that: “Those in government, and the parties concerned, were required to respond immediately to the wholly legitimate demands of the people, swiftly institute comprehensive reform, and bring about transparent popular participation, rather than driving the situation to the brink of internecine strife and chaos.”

The FIOE expressed its great sadness that the response to the peaceful revolution of the Yemeni people was to unleash the killing, grave abuses, and severe repression, which claimed so many victims from among the Yemeni citizens congregated in public squares demanding their fundamental rights. It also urged all officials and wise persons, in Yemen and abroad, to bring a halt to the current deteriorating situation, by acting justly towards the Yemeni people, and standing by their side at this historic moment, and to urgently respond to their demands, with full respect for their choices, while assuring the protection of lives, preventing further bloodshed, and stopping Yemen falling into a spiral of violence with dire consequences.

The FIOE reminded all concerned parties that Yemen’s bright future can only be secured in a climate of freedom, democracy, and justice, through respect for the will of the people, their dignity, and their lives.

FIOE expresses solidarity with Norway and condemns attacks and terror

FIOE affirmed that it received, with immense grief and sense of shock, the news of the horrific attacks witnessed by Norway on Friday, 22 July, which led to the loss of so many innocent lives, and brought wide scale terror, damage and destruction.

In a statement issued for this regard, the FIOE strongly condemns these heinous attacks, with their unprecedented terrorising of the innocents, and reflects on the seriousness of those evil motives that may incite the commission of atrocities, threaten the safety of communities, and perpetrate aggression on innocent lives.

The federation also expressed its solidarity with the Norwegian people, government, and institutions, at this difficult juncture, and remains confident that these barbaric acts—rejected by religious texts, as well as human and moral conventions—cannot shake the Norwegian people’s will to continue to live in liberty.

It also confirmed that the Muslims of Europe stand, in these days, from the depths of their heart, alongside the people of Norway, wishing for them the return of security and peace of mind, with confidence in their ability to overcome this ordeal, and remain unified in the face of this difficult situation, capably and wisely.

The FIOE also offered its sincere condolences and sympathy to the families of the victims, and asks Allah, the Almighty, to grant speedy recovery to the injured and wounded.