Close of proceedings of FIOE General Assembly in Istanbul

The First General Assembly in the Tenth Executive Term of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe was convened in the period 6-9 February 2014 with the participation of the Federation leadership and representatives of member organisations from the majority of European states.

At the close of the Ninth Executive Term, the General Assembly discussed and subsequently approved the narrative report presented by the Executive Office for the concluded Term, and expressed appreciation for the performance of the Executive Office over the four years. The Assembly thanked the Federation leadership in the previous Term for their efforts, valuing their work in advancing the work of Executive Office, Federation Departments, and member organisations.

Elections for the post of Federation President were conducted, and Mr Abdallah Benmansour was elected as new President of the Federation. He succeeded Mr Chakib Benmakhlouf, whose term of leadership of the Federation ended after completing two consecutive executive terms.

The General Assembly then proceeded to ballot in selecting the elected members of the Shura Council for the 10th Term. Nine leaders, among them three women, were chosen as members of the Shura Council, in addition to the Presidents of the member organisations.

Furthermore, the Assembly deliberated over the horizons of Federation work in the forthcoming executive term (2014 – 2018), in the hope that the achievements of the previous term would provide impetus to greater development in efforts and positive initiatives.

The Assembly also discussed the situation in Europe and the affairs of Muslims on the Continent, along with related concerns and issues. It reflected on current developments in European affairs, and the preoccupations of Europe’s Muslims; these included issues relating to women and youth, and social and human rights, as well as affairs of Muslims around the world.

The Assembly examined the means to widening cooperation and coordination in Europe, and promoting stronger participation in societal dialogue. The Assembly emphasised the importance of developing human resources, as well as the capacity of the Federation and its institutions, in harmony with its aspirations of contributing to social peace and mutual understanding.

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