Close of proceedings of FIOE Shoura Council in Istanbul

The fifth Shoura Council in the ninth term of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE) was held, from 11-14 October 2012 in Istanbul. The Council convened this ordinary meeting, with the participation of the Federation leadership, and representatives of member organisations in the majority of European countries.

The Council deliberated over the developments in the Federation’s work, and the progress in administrative tasks; it also discussed the performance of the Federation, its bodies, and member organisations, considering the achievements realised as motivation for further advances in positive efforts and initiatives. The Council set aside part of the proceedings to review Federation performance over the past decade, and the horizons for potential development in the coming phase.

In line with the resolutions ratified in the current term regarding regulatory changes, the proceedings included election of the governing body for the Federation Shoura Council, comprising Samir Faleh (President), and membership

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