Election of Mr Benmansour as new President of FIOE

Election of Mr Abdallah Benmansour as new President of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE)

The General Meeting of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe has elected Mr Abdallah Benmansour as new President of the Federation. He succeeds Mr Chakuib Benmakhlouf, whose term of leadership of the Federation ended after completing two executive terms.

Mr Abdallah Benmansour from France has previously occupied a number of leadership posts in the Federation Shura Council and Executive Office in several executive terms. He also previously held the post of Secretary-General of the Union of Islamic Organisations in France (UOIF), and has long experience in the area of institutional work on the European scene. Mr Abdallah Benmansour has made diverse contributions in the areas of inter-civilisational communication and media and public relations, and has participated in many public meetings, and workshops of intellectual nature, as well as dialogues with the youth.

Convened from 6-8 February in Istanbul, the First General Meeting in the 10th Executive Term of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe held elections, and also approved the narrative report for the Executive Office at the end of the Ninth Term. The Constitution and Byelaws of the Federation stipulate a maximum time in office for the Federation President of two consecutive terms, each of four years duration.

Following the balloting process among several candidates, as proposed by the General Meeting, Mr Chakuib Benmakhlouf, ending his second term in office, expressed his hope and supplication to Allah, the Almighty, to grant success to the new Federation President in bearing the responsibility of leadership. In turn, Mr Abdallah Benmansour expressed his appreciation for the efforts exerted by the Executive Office in the previous term, pledging to continue development in the trajectory of the Federation, and striving to achieve new successes and gains for Europe’s Muslims, while reinforcing communication and cooperation with civil society.

The General Meeting proceeded to elect members of the Shura Council for the 10th Term, and chose nine leaders, among them three women. The governing rules of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe stipulate that the Shura Council is formed of elected members, in addition to the Presidents of the member organisations from around the European continent.

Proceedings of the First General Meeting of the 10th Executive Term

The proceedings of the First General Meeting in the 10th Executive Term of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, held in Istanbul,  were concluded on Sunday 9 February, with participation of the Federation leadership and representatives of member organisations from the majority of European states.

Over the course of four days, the Meeting deliberated on the horizons of Federation work in the the forthcoming executive term (2014 – 2018), in the hope that the achievements of the previous term provide impetus to greater development in efforts and positive initiatives. The Meeting discussed the situation in Europe and the affairs of Muslims on the continent, along with related concerns and issues. It reflected on current developments in European affairs, and the preoccupations of Europe’s Muslims; these included issues relating to women and youth, and social and human rights, as well as affairs of Muslims around the world.

The Meeting discussed the means to widening the circle of cooperation and coordination in Europe, along with strengthening participation in societal dialogue. The Meeting emphasised the importance of developing human resources, and the capacity of the Federation and its institutions, in harmony with its aspirations of contributing to social peace and mutual understanding.

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