FIOE asks for investigations on the tragic bombardment in Turkey

FIOE demanded the immediate investigations on the tragic bombardment that took place in a border area between Turkey and Iraq and resulted in dozens of Kurdish civilian victims. It also called for taking necessary action to prevent the blood of civilians from being shed. In a statement issued in Brussels, the federation said that: “With immense pain, the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe received those reports that spoke of dozens of Kurdish civilian victims in an air raid by the Turkish military on a border area with Iraq.”

While the Federation extended its profound condolences to the families of the victims in this painful incident, it considered that this tragedy requires the Turkish authorities to complete the investigation they announced to uncover the circumstances, and determine where responsibility lies. In all cases, the immunity of civilians to any targeting must be assured, in the hope of preventing the blood of brethren from being shed, and putting an urgent end to armed confrontations.

The statement added that the federation looks forward to rapid action, on the part of parliament, government, and authorities in Turkey, in instituting wise and effective reforms relating to the Kurdish question, so as to reinforce internal accord within the Turkish Republic with its diverse constituents, and respond to the commitments to civil, cultural, and social rights, as well as human rights standards, for all citizens.

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