FIOE: Awarding Nobel prizes to courageous women leaders is an opportunity to deal with stereotypes

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE) emphasized that awarding Nobel prizes to courageous women leaders is an opportunity to deal with stereotypes. The FIOE issued a statement to welcome the gesture of goodwill represented by the announcement that the Nobel Peace Prize is to be awarded to courageous women leaders, who have made significant efforts and sacrifices for the sake of rights, justice, and human values.

The FIOE values this recognition of women leaders, who have struggled to secure rights, justice, and peoples’ freedoms, or have played distinguished roles in achieving understanding, and resolving conflict in societies characterised by religious and ethnic diversity. The statement reads: “No doubt that the world today needs to highlight the immense contributions made by women and girls in the service of their societies and humanity at large. These include Muslim women and girls, who have mostly been misrepresented in negative and unfair stereotypes.”

The FIOE considered that the selection of the Yemeni leader, Tawakul Kirman, signals the merit of the prominently large presence of women and girls across the Arab world, in their participation in the mass mobilisation of all groups and sections of society, in order to combat dictatorship, confront injustice, and herald an era of freedom, popular participation, and respect for human dignity. The statement added that “This choice reflects a gesture of fairness towards the revolutions of freedom in which the Arab peoples, with great resolve and determination, are engaged, in striving to achieve these legitimate goals.”

The FIOE reminded us of what happened over the past eight months when Yemen witnessed a wide scale and peaceful mass mobilisation, displaying extraordinary determination to secure freedom, democracy, and transparent popular participation, as well as build a better future. This has brought to prominence the innate, civilised nature of the Yemeni people, men and women of all generations, which has impressed the world, and won its admiration.

Moreover, the FIOE renewed its hope on this auspicious occasion that the demands of the Yemeni people are achieved swiftly, and that freedom, democracy, justice, and peaceful coexistence, as well as respect for the will of the people, and protection of human dignity and the lives of citizens, prevail across all parts of the Arab and Muslim world.

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