FIOE condemns the continuing Israeli atrocities in Gaza, and calls for deterrent sanctions

The Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people enters its fourth week with more atrocities, mass killings, and wide-scale destruction in the Gaza Strip, alongside extrajudicial killings and increasing violations against Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The world has witnessed, over the course of three full weeks, an ugly war on residential neighbourhoods, and refugee camps overcrowded with children, women, and the elderly, resulting in the death of over 1000 Palestinians, and injury of thousands more. Horrific and hair raising scenes have continued to play out, and complete families exterminated every day, hospitals overwhelmed by the dead and injured, while blood and remains lie scattered on the roads without any chance of safe havens for the civilian population.

What is occurring in the Gaza Strip is one of the crimes of this century, of mass killing, widespread destruction, a suffocating blockade, terrorising the civilian population, and cutting of the basic means of life.

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, as it renews its vigorous condemnation of this naked aggression on the Palestinian people, and deplores those positions aligned with the Israeli aggression and horrific war crimes, demands the imposition of immediate and deterring sanctions on the Israeli occupation, and a halt to all weapons shipments to it, withdrawal of investment, and ending of all favourable military, commercial, and contractual arrangements. It is necessary that all efforts come together to bring an immediate end to this aggression, and to lift the blockade of Gaza without restriction or condition, empowering the Palestinian people to live a life of dignity, and freely communicate with the world, as well as making accountable all those implicated in the Israeli war crimes according to international legal regimes.

European states are called upon to observe their commitments in the area of human rights and global peace, and side with oppressed peoples. No doubt that what is occurring today in terms of the aggression on Gaza is a real test of these commitments that cannot be shrugged off. Decision-makers are called upon to listen to the will of their people, who demonstrate in their hundreds of thousands against this aggression that should not be allowed in today’s world.

The Federation of Islamic organisations in Europe as it expresses its solidarity with the Palestinian people in these difficult circumstances, salutes the masses of people who demonstrate every day around Europe and worldwide against this hideous aggression against the Palestinian people. No doubt that the continuing peaceful demonstrations represent a clear expression of the position of the European peoples, and proof of human conscience that cannot disregard the grave violation of human values, moral principles, and international conventions, or turn a blind eye to the war crimes currently being committed in plain sight in Gaza.

Brussels, 28 July 2014

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe

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