FIOE condemns the Israeli attack on the Palestinian people, and demands an immediate cessation

On Monday night, 7 July, the occupation government decided to launch a new aggression on the Gaza Strip, threatening to bombard cities and residential neighbourhoods, as well as destroy civilian infrastructure, terrorising close to two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the majority children and women; indeed, it immediately began to execute this.

Days after the horrific crime in Jerusalem against the Palestinian youth, Mohammed Abu Khudair, who was burnt to death at the hands of an extremist Israeli gang, the acts of killing, repression, and violations directed against Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem by the occupation’s forces and gangs of extremist settlers under their protection have escalated.

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe condemns in the strongest terms the latest aggression by the Israeli occupation government and military forces on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, and the escalation in acts of killing, repression, and violation perpetrated in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The Federation warns of the disastrous consequences of any military attack on the Gaza Strip, which has been subject to a suffocating blockade, and lacks shelter from bombardment, with no food or medical reserves, while its inhabitants face crippling shortages of fuel and electricity.

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe expresses its solidarity with the Palestinian people suffering occupation, aggression, repression, and policies of apartheid. The Federation emphasises the necessity to support just Palestinian demands in regaining inalienable rights, and achieving liberty and independence.

The Federation emphasises that the moral responsibility imposed on the European Union and its bodies, governments, parliaments, and official institutions, as well as civil society organisations in Europe and abroad, requires clear condemnation of this Israeli military attack, and leveraging influence to halt and deter it, including the need to suspend all special concessions, favourable treatment, and cooperative agreements enjoyed by the Israeli occupation, while imposing serious punitive measures. Such actions are aligned to the principles of justice, rights, and supporting the freedom of peoples.

Brussels, 8 July 2014

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe

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