Message from the President of FIOE on the blessed occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr

In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful

Message from the President of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe on the blessed occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr

All gratitude is to Allah, Lord of all creation, and peace and blessings on the noble Prophet, his family and Companions.

I offer my cordial felicitations to Muslims in Europe and worldwide on the arrival of Eid-ul-Fitr, following the completion of the blessed month of Ramadan – the month of fasting, worship, good deeds, and perfected sincere action; I ask Allah, the Almighty, to accept from all of us, our fasting and good deeds.

Eid arrives, and it is a season of happiness, family bonding, and bridging the gap between generations; it is the event that crowns Ramadan, which represents a profound school for building faith and piety, and nurturing mutual compassion, solidarity, and support for the less fortunate; values of which we, our European societies, and wider humanity are in great need of.

Eid is also an opportunity to demonstrate solidarity. This year’s Eid comes at a moment when the Muslim Ummah is suffering difficult times; with many crises and open wounds. Indeed,  Eid arrives as we witness a hideous military onslaught upon the Palestinian people, with Gaza bombarded round the clock with tonnes of explosive ordnance, and the number of those killed approaches a thousand, and massive numbers of injured. In this Eid, we renew our solidarity with the Palestinian people at this precarious moment, and reiterate our support for their legitimate rights.

I also take this opportunity to salute the intense efforts of Imams, and mosque and Islamic centre administrations across Europe as they worked to revive the rituals throughout the month of Ramadan, and serve their local communities. On this occasion, we urge Islamic and social organisations to continue improving their work, and to shoulder the responsibility towards Muslims and society in the best possible way.

May Allah accept from all of us our good deeds, and may each year pass where we are in the most favourable of conditions.


Brussels, 28 July 2014


Abdullah Benmansour

President, the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe

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