Our Objectives

1. Introducing Islam and its values and shaping Islamic culture in accordance with the requirements of the age and the unique features of the current status of Europe.

2. Helping Muslims in Europe to perform their religious duties, preserve their cultural identity and taking care of their social and religious affairs.

3. Encouraging and establishing various institutions such as mosques, schools and educational, cultural, social, leisure and vocational institutes and clubs, etc.4. Promoting member organizations, enhancing their expertise and developing methods of coordination and cooperation therewith.

5. Caring for Muslim youth, providing opportunities for learning Islam and Arabic and helping them excel in their respective vocations.

6. Encouraging active participation of Muslims within the framework of the European Union in a manner that serves the overall general interest.

7. Working towards achieving representation of Muslims within European institutions and authorities.8. Striving towards achieving recognition for Islam as an official religion throughout Europe, which would be instrumental in enhancing the European identity of Muslims.9. Expanding the cultural and civilizational dialogue between Muslims and people who follow other religions or ideologies, in an attempt to interact positively and establish social peace and harmony.10. Maintaining relationships with Muslims throughout the world, and promoting mutually beneficial cooperation and interaction between Europe and the Islamic world.

11. Building bridges with Islamic official and public authorities and institutions, in both European and International arenas, within the framework of mutual interests.

12. Contributing towards all efforts, which aim to preserve and protect freedoms, defend human rights and dignity, and refute all forms of racial discrimination and violence.

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